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I DO NOT SELL anything on my site If you being asked to buy something you are not on my site.


I found a huge collection of Buddhism ebooks on my computer.  I am going to share them here.  The Buddism link will take you to all of them.  They are from a great site  THEY ARE FREE TO USE AND SHARE.


1-1-2023 Happy New Year

I am expanding my site to add a lot more free contents and other  ways you can  reach your desires.  

The  author  link will take you to a list of authors that I have added, I got the ebooks done and will be adding the audiobooks as time permits. If you don't see what you are looking for send me a message by clicking here.  If I have or can get it I'll send it to you.

My new affiliate page  has links to fast track your success threw some great paid sites.   Some of my guest want to get results faster so I am including them now. 


I added two new pages of Audiobooks they are public domain so feel free to share them. 

Audio How Do Ya Think?  is a collection of audiobooks  that cover the basics of Law of Attraction and some other interesting selections about how we think, exist, and behave.  ​​

Audio History Speaking!  has two very interesting but very long audiobooks that cover life in general and a ancient conversation about creating the perfect colony. 

Also added my fist author page for James Allen. .

I enjoy listening to these they are dated but it helps me to see some of what I have  been programed to believe from our past.   The authors I selected are used by a lot of self help guru's. I listen to a lot of them and laugh to myself.

We don't need another GURO (Thunderdome). Well, if you get it that will date me but I find it funny.

12-25-2022  Merry Christmas

The update is going well the original content is done.   I Will be testing and fixing links over next few days.

I will also be adding a lot more content.  The old areas will have MY added to them. Some of it will stay as is, but most of it will be merged into the layout.   If I remove what you are looking for contact me and I will send it to you.

Change is the only real constant. I have found a lot of the links  are no longer working,  blessing most of them where trying to sell stuff.  If I do find new links I will share them here.

12-23 2022

Had a glitch on website and when I called for help they published my site. Sh t not ready not ready.

It will be published often as I check links and make corrections. Thanks for checking in.


I went threw my old blog and just could not delete it.  My site no longer can accept comments so I can not add them back in.  The new post have a link where you can leave comments.  I enjoy getting feedback so I know what you like and find helpful. I will try to post them will have to see how it works.

While editing my blog I double posted all the old post .Twice as nice- not really but I can not fix it.


Happy new year.

I just saw a video that explains the real cause of illness and alternative ways to treating it.  HEAL on netflix so I can't share it here. If you have  health issues it is a must watch.