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Freedah online ha ha

Accepting your personal freedom


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Power of love

Posted on May 13, 2020 at 4:02 AM
I am taking a hard look in the mirror and asking what am I creating. 

I have to admit lately my focus was way off.  Too much time with the hate and fear spread by news and governments. 

I found a great site PEER. (Public Education and Empowerment Resource Service).  The PEERS network is committed to education and empowerment of the public through websites focused on inspiration and information.

I have not had time to research it all but fell in love with what I have seen so I wanted to share it here.

We are all facing big changes and now is the time to be involved so we can create what we want to see in the future.  

It is not a time to create by default or give our control away. 

I am in control of my actions and reactions.

Every thaught, feeling, hope and fear will shape what happens next. 
What our kids are left with is up to us to create NOW. 

I will continue to educate myself and share  it here is a link to PEER.
Hope you enjoy this site I think it is great.

Its ironic can't honestly say we did not have time.

Need to balance mind body and spirit

Posted on May 5, 2020 at 12:50 PM
I am way out of balance these last few weeks.  Not a big surprise given the global state and all the mixed and negative news.

I do respect all views but I do not have to agree with them.  I try very hard not to judge but it is getting more difficult when there is no solid information and alot of opposing facts.

I can look up any subject and find conflicting opinions but what is hard to find is the facts on anything in current issues. 

I looked up historical information for comparison but the current information is so mixed it was not very helpful.

I have gotten alot of information on a treatment option for Covid-19 that has caused a great debate here in America.

The one that does make sense to me was a triple treatment of Zinc, Hydroxychloroquine, and Azithromycin.  Its not for everyone it has limits but could be helpful in slowing this and limiting damage.

They have all been used for decades so thier affect on humans is known. I like that I can look up thier history and uses. 

I'm not a doctor but I am including the two best articles I have found that explain how and why they may be very helpful.  PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE ARTICLES AND SHARE WITH ANYONE YOU FEEL COULD BENEFIT.

The first is letter from a doctor DOWNLOAD HERE.

The second is a letter to a Governer DOWNLOAD HERE. 

I am also including links below to the websites where I found the articles.  

Click here to go online to view the Dr letter.

Click here to go online to view the AAPS article.

If you have any troulble downloading or going to the sites feel free to email me at [email protected]  I will reply and send you the articles threw emails. 
I would not be comfortable with any new medication. I'm not sure what to make of it yet but wanted to share it with everyone.

Thanks for stopping by.

My great fear and hope

Posted on May 2, 2020 at 9:37 PM
i need to add the universal law here.  I found the best video ever and want to share it here.  12 Universal laws attraction is just one.  

These laws need to be understood before ever trying to manifest.  Facebook and youtube is flooded with information on them.  It is a great source for thinking about things to investagate. 

I personally know this is real but still have such tremedous fear, when I think of the people I know and how they react to life it stops me from moving forward.  

Our egos are huge and we are fighting each other to death. Take religion out of it.  WHY cant we  accept we are all from one divine eternal all knowing all loving source and skip fighting over it. Simply turn our hearts to love acceptance and oneness. This is not evil or satanic. It honors the devine but we have to agree there is only one great divine who created absolutely everything and we are currently diconnected from it all we have to do is reconnect.

To me that is what is so difficult. Can we even accept we are all from one source that loves ALL. No one I have ever spoke to could honestly accept this. Evil can be eliminated with this belief.  We would never harm anything again if we understood we are only hurting ourself.

I still have faith because real scientist are looking into our disconnected beliefs and where they came from.  My favorite one is Gregg Braden please consider watching his video.  Thriving in times of extreme.  I know it is alot to research and it is very deep but they are proving it is real.  It is our only hope  to turn our false ego belief around.  If this interst you check out

We are the people

Posted on April 14, 2020 at 5:10 PM
In my last post there is a video with very conflicting view in it.  I am not agreeing with his denial of our current illness. I can agree to disagree and still listen to his view on other issues. 

I can not get over his ideas on humanity. 

I heard:

We are all powerful points of awareness.
Fear is the true enemy we are all facing
Violence has and will never solve anything.
We will have our own view of what is happening
We can question what we hear and research it 
We can disagree and still keep respect for each other
We all are equally important and powerful

We can be free from conflict if we refuse to add to it.  I don't have to like or agree with what anyone else does or doesn't do. I also can not control what anyone else does or doesn't do. 

I can still state what I feel is right or wrong and act on what I believe is right.

We could follow our hearts when making choices, when fear is taken out of the equation.

Our actions so often do not match our real values.  We do have to stand up for what we believe is right and not shrink in fear of not having a popular idea.

I do not in any way shape or form accept violence against anyone or anything.  There are trillions of people on our plant and we have power by what we buy, watch, and respond to. The people have the power they are just unaware.

The best example I can think of is organic produce. Years ago it was hard to find and very expensive.  Today the cost has come down and it is widely available.  This is because a large groups of people wanted and only bought organic. We drive the markets what we buy or refuse to buy matter.  In products and ideas we are powerful because we are the masses. 

What we do matters. 

The only control we all have is our actions and reactions. 

Great view on humanity

Posted on April 10, 2020 at 4:59 AM
 This video made me think and I wanted to share it with everyone.

This is a long video but the second half has some great insights please consider watching it click here for the video.

I do not know what is happening but I am certain how we react will make a huge impact on how this unfolds.

We do need to be careful not to let fear over take us. 

It is time to wake up NOW we are all in this together.  It is GLOBAL.


Change-Heart matters

Posted on December 28, 2019 at 10:50 AM
People understand our actions could make or change our world. So why is change so difficult even when we all want it to change.

Knowing it or not EVERYONE is creating, I have heard it called creating by default.  I do not think very many people consider this and are creating energy that no one really wants.  With every taught, feeling, and action energy is sent out from us that create our reality. 

While I can see we are working toward being more co operative, accepting and united it is not widely accepted and creates deep resentment and hate. Change is uncomfortable for most people.

If I do what I believe is good but hate it and feel upset the whole time I am doing it what kind of energy am I creating?  

Not the kind I intended.  I think this is why a lot of good meaning people are not getting good result. 

When a choice needs to be made I now try to consider not just what I know but also how I feel. I need to follow my heart.  Our feelings are there to guide us if we honestly listen.


Posted on July 12, 2019 at 11:09 PM
Hey all 

Information overload no doubt. 

I have collected articles, e books, audio books for years. I am adding them to my website and will list them in freedom links to make it easy to find newly added information.

I was in the middle of deleting files when I taught I should list these on my website. While checking the license I found some that allow me to give them away but will not allow me to take out links that go back to sale sites.   If you are asked for money you are no longer on my site.



Posted on March 18, 2019 at 5:00 AM
I have been researching for years on how to become healthy and whole person. I have studied law of attraction, eft, npl, natural medicine, diet theraphy, and when in pain I have even ran back to the medical doctors who I really feel are slowing killing us all.(American)

I honestly believe I have figured out why I never reached a healthy state.  I am gulliable and want someone to teach me the secrect to being whole and healthy.

SURPRISE no one will ever know what will make me whole. They can give me thier understnding of the physical body and it is helpful but incomplete. 

Mind, spirit and body all need to be cared for and balanced.  I would yo-yo between the three and expect it to work. I would follow the natural speakers because they knew best. The one thing they all did wrong was using fear to tell me all ad things I neede to avoid. Oh and thier miracle products that work for everyone whic is non sense.

 WRONG all that is needed is common sense.  Stop poisioning myself, eat the best food avaiable, best possible supplement, any form of enjoyable activety phsical and mental and a connection to the devine.

The other big mistake I made was trying to tell anybody else what they need to do. 

They need to find the answers that work for thier beliefs and that is what I ignored. They are capable and when they are ready they will find thier way and I don't have to like or live it. I still love them and wish them well.

My best answer to anyone else should be I DONT KNOW.

Updated facebook

Posted on March 11, 2019 at 12:29 PM

I recently updated my facebook page at fredah online ha ha you can view it by click the name above.  Hope you enjoy. Thanks

Thinking about it

Posted on December 30, 2018 at 1:01 AM
Thinking about it

When my sister died in Feb her adult children expected me to be there to pick up the pieces of the disasters they seemed so good at creating. This was my role in the family, and their mom was gone so it was my responsibility now WRONG. 

 They did try but could never stop blaming others when things did not go thier way. I had to relearn the dangers of enabling others by trying to protect or assist when it is unneeded and so harmful to everyone.

 That was the real problem they did not believe they made thier life not me or anyone else.   They simply refused to accept resposibility for thier thinking.  No one in my family knew this and blame game was the standard thinking process.  I have changed that this year for myself and hope this helps others-our thaughts are powerful. 

Thaughts are energy and what we send out we get back. We interact through our energetic body, the invisible field surrounding our physical body. Our thoughts make up a part of this energetic body. 

If you have the desire to change your life, regardless of what condition you want to change, change your thoughts and your belief system.

 Thoughts and beliefs that we have about ourselves and the world alter our perception, our hope, our energy, our health, our mood, our actions, our relationships, our entire life! 

What kind of thoughts are you allowing to create your life?