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Change-Heart matters

Posted on December 28, 2019 at 10:50 AM
People understand our actions could make or change our world. So why is change so difficult even when we all want it to change.

Knowing it or not EVERYONE is creating, I have heard it called creating by default.  I do not think very many people consider this and are creating energy that no one really wants.  With every taught, feeling, and action energy is sent out from us that create our reality. 

While I can see we are working toward being more co operative, accepting and united it is not widely accepted and creates deep resentment and hate. Change is uncomfortable for most people.

If I do what I believe is good but hate it and feel upset the whole time I am doing it what kind of energy am I creating?  

Not the kind I intended.  I think this is why a lot of good meaning people are not getting good result. 

When a choice needs to be made I now try to consider not just what I know but also how I feel. I need to follow my heart.  Our feelings are there to guide us if we honestly listen.

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5:55 PM on December 29, 2019 
I can relate this post to social media. Social media has become a convenient way for people to share their thoughts and opinions. Often times those opinions are about what we don't like about other people or certain issues. In other words, we share thoughts through social media to, in effect, demand for change. But nothing will happen if we remain behind the keyboard just sharing comments and opinion instead going out there and taking the charge to effect change.
Reply picbear
8:16 AM on January 7, 2020 
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Reply ava emily
6:10 AM on February 24, 2020 
if you want to change the world then start within you change yourself for better improvement change the way of thinking and if you thinking about the big change then register yourself in learning quran school because by learning you can make yourself a better person.
2:10 PM on February 28, 2020 
I think the message here is for our every intention we have to balance our heart and our mind. The disconnect happens when we are doing something but our heart is not into it, or when our mind says do it but our feelings are contradicting it. Change is inevitable. We must accept it as a part of life. For good or bad, change will happen. What we can do is gear ourselves up to adapt to the change sooner rather than later.
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12:28 PM on March 19, 2020 
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