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Accepting your personal freedom


We are the people

Posted on April 14, 2020 at 5:10 PM
In my last post there is a video with very conflicting view in it.  I am not agreeing with his denial of our current illness. I can agree to disagree and still listen to his view on other issues. 

I can not get over his ideas on humanity. 

I heard:

We are all powerful points of awareness.
Fear is the true enemy we are all facing
Violence has and will never solve anything.
We will have our own view of what is happening
We can question what we hear and research it 
We can disagree and still keep respect for each other
We all are equally important and powerful

We can be free from conflict if we refuse to add to it.  I don't have to like or agree with what anyone else does or doesn't do. I also can not control what anyone else does or doesn't do. 

I can still state what I feel is right or wrong and act on what I believe is right.

We could follow our hearts when making choices, when fear is taken out of the equation.

Our actions so often do not match our real values.  We do have to stand up for what we believe is right and not shrink in fear of not having a popular idea.

I do not in any way shape or form accept violence against anyone or anything.  There are trillions of people on our plant and we have power by what we buy, watch, and respond to. The people have the power they are just unaware.

The best example I can think of is organic produce. Years ago it was hard to find and very expensive.  Today the cost has come down and it is widely available.  This is because a large groups of people wanted and only bought organic. We drive the markets what we buy or refuse to buy matter.  In products and ideas we are powerful because we are the masses. 

What we do matters. 

The only control we all have is our actions and reactions. 

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