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Freedah online ha ha

Accepting your personal freedom

PERSONAL USE ONLY PLEASE DO NOT REPOST ANY EBOOKS. I have added the license in the bottom tab on the list to the left.  

New 350 self help tatics in 7 e books

These are helpful ideas to consider or use to brainstorm solutions.

Better Health

Law of Attraction

Relationship Improvements


Time Management

Vision Board


I also have some ebooks that are free to use, they are public domain and anyone can freely download them. These are older text that are used by most of the modern day life coaches. The knowledge in them is good but again you must decide for yourself what to accept and what to reject. Enjoy. 

As A Man Thinketh. This is a very short book, 18 pages about the power of our thaughts.

All These Things Added This is a longer book about the human soul.

Eight pillars of prosperity a sort of success manual.

working with the law This explains the laws of the universe. It is brief and well written. It includes bible passages because that is how the author knew the laws.

The game of life and how's it's played is a good but also is semi religious because the writer was.