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Amazing FREE site to achieve your dreams.

Registration and courses are free, we provide the tools so you can get the  skills.

Alison has a mobile app  available on google play and apple app store.


Alison offers over 4000 free online courses across all areas listed below with links.

 I have included a breakdown by subject with links to some of the areas of study to help you quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

IT has   900 + courses:

They work with the best CodeRed, Microsoft,  and CompTIA to give you the best.


We also cater for those learners who need more everyday skills, like how to use Microsoft 365, PowerPoint or even Zoom optimally, having up-to-date computer skills will allow you to work more efficiently.

Health has 500 + courses:

Health Care, Mental Health, Nursing, Hygiene, Food Safety, Substance Abuse, Health and Fitness, Physical Therapy, Trauma, Therapy,,Physiotherophy, Physiology, Management, Pharmaacology, Dementia.

The health courses explores highly important aspects of physical fitness and mental wellbeing, as well as caring for others.  Healthcare courses can benefit you in a really fundamental ways.

No matter the language - whether it’s French, German, Spanish, Italian, English, Japanese, or even sign language our free language courses will have you covered - from beginner to advanced.

Business 1200 + courses:

 Management, Health and Safety, ISO, Quality, Hospitality,  Operations, Human Resources, Customer Service, Communication Skills, Chain Supply, Productivity, Auditing, Accounting, Sales, Motivation, Marketing, Manufacturing, E-Commerce, and Microsoft.

Whether you want to kick-start your career and gain the essential business skills employers are looking for or upgrade your business skills and supplement your existing qualifications, our business course offerings will take you a step in the right direction.

Engineering & Construction has 600 + courses:

Automotive, Construction, Electrical, Kaizen, Kanban, Risk Management, Six Sigma

From civil and mechanical engineering to computer engineering to design engineering and more, Alison has a wide selection of free online engineering and construction courses to suit your needs. 

Teaching and Academics has 1000 + courses:

Teaching, Classroom, Science, Mathmatics, Writing, History, Human Anatomy, Geography, Literature, Psychology, Economics, Music Theory, Architecture, Journalism, Law, and Climate Change.

Education requires lifelong education itself as you keep up to date with new methodologies and take on unforeseen challenges.  Taking a free course may help you specialize or move to a different school district. 

Personal Development has 800 + courses:

Photography, DSLR, Music, Motivation, Mindset, Finance, Time Management, Stress Management, Health, Fitness, Diet, Therapy, Depression, Anxiety, Positve Psychology

These programmes are aimed at anybody who would like to learn new skills, pursue their interests or work towards their personal growth. 

There site is filled with guidance threw, a Career Guide, Workplace Personality Assessment , Mental Health Assement,  a Resume Builder,   and a blog with lots of ​helpful articles.


There are also three ways to earn with Alison Affilates Programme,  Refer a Friend, and Course Creator.


While this is all free to use and learn there are options you can chose that will cost you a small fee.  I am including a link to their prices page

Are you a business owner they have great options to assist in training employees. If you only care about gaining skills it is free. 

If you want certificates and added features it will cost however it could be a great investment benefit to offer your employees. 

You get unlimited courses and employees  so could be really cost effective.