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My resources are old so a lot the links to others are not working.  I am going threw them.  I will be going threw them and if I find they still have website I'll list them .

I found a new site for  lots of information on law of attraction and energy coaching.  On my site I offered Delibrate creating and Finding your purpose they are on her site also free with a lot of other free stuff.

For learning new skills this site  has a collection of 4000 education courses that are free to all.

For how the universe works there is a great site This is a huge site full of a lot of interesting views.

For  natural health care visit  John Bergman he is very entertaining and give you lots to research.   Please remember it is up to you to make your choices. Please do not believe or follow anyone without doing your own research.

If you enjoyed James Allen books you can go to it is a free website to read all his work.

I love youtube, I watch a wide subject of videos but you have to know anyone can make a video saying anything they want so you need to judge for yourself what you find useful.

I also use wikipedia a lot to check history and get additional information. I find the site very useful if you want to know more about any subject or person type it in the search box.

If you enjoy older books has a huge collection of free domain audiobooks you can freeely listen to.